The Cami

PATH is a hiking trail for cultural Garrotxa

Volcanoes in the land of myth

PATH is a hiking trail in the process of cultural signs participative, to walk and visit all the regions and islands speak Catalan. A journey through culture, History, the landscape and spirit of our land.

It is designed for all ages and ages, with mostly low difficulty level, although there are sections of Intermediate and, even, a high. In each level it can also be increased at will by increasing or reducing the length of the stages.

He linking people, where it is mainly the social, culture, l'art,… Join the heads of all Catalan-speaking region, having a form of 8 irregular.

These entities, residents and institutions in every town and county who define their stretch of road, the contents of the guide and the resources and services including.

El-truck-and-a-la-Mieres GarrotxaIt is a non-partisan project that has the whole country and all its people as actors and beneficiaries, more visitors from other countries.

The main elements of the path are’routes, that signals the brand's Way, la guia web summary of each section and populations as Mieres the form, the Camipèdia, an encyclopaedia contains all kinds of territorial issues in each town and region contributed to its people and institutions, the Network of the Way (cultural institutions accredited), the paper guide (published in the texts provided by people, organizations and institutions of Commons as soon as there are enough resources to edit it and print it), brochures each section (Snapshot practice) i The driver of the Way.

Other items found in this website are: Block the Way (texts on the Way, walking, etc.. contributed by friends of the Way), charts of the Catalan (There you can add the pieces that are missing), the Facebook page of the Way, path of the channel on Youtube, photo albums, etc.

Best day of the Garrotxa

Through valleys and forests

Mieres– Santa Pau (8,3 Km). Entering the region of Garrotxa to Mieres we went to St. Paul, the hairy Medieval.

Enmig the volcans in fagedes

Santa Pau – Olot (13 Km). The medieval village of Saint Paul we headed Olot capital region. On the way we visit volcanoes and beech Jordan and taste their beans.