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Summary of Routes

Itinerari núm. 1 (Download Tracks)

Mieres – The Sitjar – Way of Roundups – Speakers of Puig – Freixe Hermitage – Speakers of Puig – Way of Roundups – The Sitjar – Mieres

This tour leaves from outside the City of Mieres, passing through more traditional way to climb the mountain of Windows and go to the shrine of the Ash, especially on the day of collection. It is interesting to climb the mountain section, road called the Roundups, loops by making the route, so that they could spend without difficulty animals loaded with full carbon Sarrión.

Itinerari núm. 2 (Download Tracks)

Mieres-source-salted Chapel Ash Can-Can source-salted Mieres

Route also starts in the town of Mieres and also up in the mountains of Windows for a very direct way, gaining altitude rapidly and for which the animals could not pass stats. On this tour include the source of Salavat Can and Can salted remains of the mill.

Itinerari núm. 3 (Download Tracks)

Source Can Salavat – Font Ricard – Freixe Hermitage- Font Ricard – Source Can Salavat

Another way to lower the coal used in the windows saw what was happening to the house of Richard Power. It's a nice mule path that connects the neighborhood with Ruïtlles the chapel of Fresno.

Itinerari núm. 4 (Download Tracks)

Freixe Hermitage – Source of Ash- Source of Ca espadrille – Clot Mal- Road Rally – Source of Ash – Freixe Hermitage

This circular route is a pleasant stroll through the shady Clot Pain, stream that drains the falling ponentins the chapel of the Ash. We walk down the middle of two box scrub, Wrong Hole intersects twice and you can drink water from the source of Ca arranged espadrille flowing all year.

Itinerari núm. 5 (Download Tracks)

Mieres – Casica de l'Obrador – Collar of the Meadow – Low Barns Plan – Plan of Haystacks Top – Coll of Palomera – Sanctuary Windows – Coll of Palomera – Plan of Haystacks Top – Low Barns Plan – Collar of the Meadow – Casica de l'Obrador – Mieres

A tradition rooted in Mieres was going to pilgrimage sanctuary windows. Today, mostly, people use the car to attend the gathering, but had recovered the alternative to go on foot. Make your way is to go through a whole series of names, which indicates that it was widely used. Note the way the bleach (without any difficulty), to cross the vertical wall of the sanctuary collapsed.

Itinerari núm. 6 (Download Tracks)

Low Barns Plan – Beams Burroig – Iera Kings – Coll of Palomera – Iera Kings – Beams Burroig – Low Barns Plan

It is a variant of Windows and go to the sanctuary from the trail halfway No.. 5. Also interesting is the diversity of vegetation encountered along the way.

Itinerari núm. 7 (Download Tracks)

Round-I-scraping Scraping Puigsallança-

This walk is circular and can achieve Puigsallança, the highest of the mountains Windows. Noteworthy that have good views from above the top. Much of the road is made by Beech, cooler than the oak, allowing them to walk at any time of year.

Itinerari núm. 8 (Download Tracks)

Coll of Palomera – Stones of Scarves – Collet stone – Speakers of Puig – Collet stone – Stones of Scarves – Coll of Palomera

With an insignificant drop, This route will link paths sector sanctuary windows with the Fresno area of ​​the chapel. Aside worth going through strange patchwork of stones known as Scarves.

Itinerari núm. 9 (Download Tracks)

IReis was – Clascar – Speakers de Finestres – Sanctuary Windows – Speakers de Finestres – Clascar – IReis was

This short journey is presented as an alternative to the route number. 5 to climb to the sanctuary windows. Located next to the chapel windows, once gained the edge of the Sierra, passes through a section interesting, So it is for the view, as the vegetation that accompanies the road.

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