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Mieres Tourism
c/. the Currero, 5
17830 Mieres – The Garrotxa

972 680 184Phone:
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Drive to reach Garrotxa Mieres:

The faster access to Garrotxa private vehicle is:
Des de Barcelona: C-17 to Vic + C-37 (Vic-axis Olot Bracons)
From the center of the Iberian Peninsula: Cervera A-2, turn off the C-25 at the height of Vic take C-17 and C-26, or Santa Coloma veer towards the C-63 Olot (Garrotxa).

From the rest of Europe: A-9/E-15 to Figueres + N-260 / A-26.

By bus to the Garrotxa:

Lines from Barcelona, Girona, Figueres, Ripoll, Vic… offered by TEISA. Weekday bus circulates between Besalu and Transverse Planes from Monday to Saturday buses to circulate’Olot (TPO).

By train to approach the Garrotxa:

A la Garrotxa There comes the train. Anyway the nearest train station, with more and better opportunities for links, Girona is, where stop all trains from Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Montpellier, Zuric i except. Next is the new bus station.

A Avio, the nearest airport:

Girona-Costa Brava Airport is about 30 km. the Garrotxa. Launchers joins a bus station in Girona, where you can reach the Garrotxa bus TEISA.
El Prat Airport (Barcelona) is about 140 km of the Garrotxa. You can reach the city center to link buses Teisa train or the Aerobus.

Taxi service in the Garrotxa:

A la Garrotxa it is possible to employ the services of a taxi to get around the region. Central Taxis: Bus station of’Olot.

Phone: 972 26 15 66