The village


Urban corners of a village in the Garrotxa

The town,-Mieres-the-door-of-violcans-to-GarrotxaMIERES, The’ VOLCANO NATURAL PARK ENTRANCE

Mieres retains the charm of small towns that have preserved the spirit. The village is surrounded by mountains with forests churches oaks, with some beech and white pine in the plan.

The town of Mieres consists of small neighborhoods: Sant Pere, Can Caló, The Pujolet, Square and New Street, the Romeria, each with its history and charm. Outside the town there are small groups of isolated farmhouses, whose inhabitants are engaged in farming and cattle raising, preserving the landscape.

The range of Windows, amagatall Remences of antic i bandolers, i Trabuceros of pugs, lets see all the Garrotxa and beyond, even the Costa Brava and Alberas.

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Map Mieres

Drawing town of Mieres Garrotxa