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Attractions in Mieres, THE GARROTXA


The church of San Pedro de Mieres, the old church of Santa Maria in Rome, the church of Sant Andreu de Ruïtlles, the church of Santa Maria del Fresno, Palomera of the Iberian, the vantage point Iberian, sculpture of the Lady of the Garrotxa neighborhoods are some of the places to visit.

In Mieres find a bit of everything: good restaurants, Turismo Rural, holiday camps ... you can go horse riding, cycling or hiking, especially find good people. All this will make your stay in Mieres is very nice.

Neighbors of Ruitlles Mieres to Garrotxa

The neighborhood is located between Ruïtlles Falgons and side windows. Must approach the church of Sant Andreu de Ruïtlles (documented in 1017). The building is Romanesque, reforms; has a single nave with an apse completed, barrel vault and arches. La data 1798 inscribed on the door, restoration is made at the time which also must have built the baroque altar, destroyed 1936. The bell also modern. During the Civil War burned the church altar and all the trimmings, disappeared and the belfry bell, that dated from 1596.

District of Cellera Mieres

The barium is the oldest part of Mieres. Specifically, know that in 844 the monastery of Sant Pere de Banyoles had several possessions where today there is Mieres. Immediately formed two districts: the San Pedro, organized around the parish church and the Cellera, where was the house of the Father.

District Cellera you can see the remains of a medieval building, integrated in a modern housing, remains that some experts believe is the abbot of each.

Quarter Pujolet

Sant Pere neighborhood

Despite entering the town by road from St. Paul we find the church which stands on a small promontory. This is the district of San Pedro, one of the most famous sights of the town.

Calo street Can



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Drawing town of Mieres Garrotxa