Cultural Patrimoni

Cultural heritage in the Garrotxa


Church of St. Mary Pilgrimage Mieres

Located Cellera, the oldest district of Mieres, know of its existence in 878, and is mentioned for the first time in 1017. Currently considerably reformed, but retains vestiges of Roman.

Church of St. Peter Mieres

Built on a small hill Mieres, dominating the whole town, a tall slender belfry, Church of St. Peter is a neoclassical building Catalan, built on a Romanesque church, of which was found a fragment of eardrum. The baptismal font is the work of the sixteenth century. The great painter of Catalan Gothic, Lluís Borrassà, painted the altarpiece, a pictorial gem that lasted until the s. XVIII.

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Church of Ruïtlles Mieres

Documented since 1017, consists of a renovated Romanesque. It has a single nave with an apse completed, barrel vault and arches. La data 1798 inscribed on the door, restoration is made at the time which also must have built the baroque altar, destroyed 1936. The bell also modern. During the Civil War burned the church altar and all the trimmings, disappeared and the belfry bell, that dated from 1596.

The church of Santa Maria del Fresno Mieres

Situated on the southern end of the term, it has since news 972. It Romanesque, with a ship, and was extended to the north with a square bell tower. The apse has a door, and has a horseshoe. The church was restored in 2003.

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The Iberian Palomera and the vantage point of Mieres

Just on the edge of town of Sant Aniol Windows, and raised on the Sierra Windows, there is the Iberian settlement of Palomera, a defense establishment source located in a strategic surrounded by cliffs.

The visible structure is currently building a dry stone quadrangular outer wall and formed a sort of tower inside. We found ceramic Iberian handmade or turn, emporitana numerous remains of pottery and fragments of amphorae of Iberian origin and Greek and Italic, even, a fragment of Punic origin. The 2007 The lookout was restored and the remains of the Iberian settlement.

A prop, an exceptional panoramic dominant Mieres and its surrounding sculpture is The Lady of the Garrotxa, artist's work Picolivas, tribute to Girona archaeologist Michael Oliva and Meadow. More:

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