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Vall d'en Bas

The-valley-d'en-Bas,-Tourism-it-Mieres GarrotxaThe Bas Valley with Besalu and St. Paul, are the three municipalities of the Garrotxa region declared as tourist.

The volcanoes of the Garrotxa, although not volcanic valley, gave rise to a unique landscape where the birth of a river, the Fluvia, brand spaces typical of valleys and sea mouth than mountain valley. If you look at the Bas Valley from the air, the vast breadth makes it different to other Pyrenean valleys.

History, also marked the Valley and its people. The Viscount de Bas, wars and serfs Francisco Verntallat, War or French Carline are still present in the character of a people who have always lived on earth, a land that gives the best fruits and rich cuisine exceptional.

Culture, History, landscape and food tourism are the values ​​of the Vall d'en Bas.

Visit the Bas Valley, like to stay in-store, eat in its restaurants, people walking their feet and untouched corners, is a pleasure for those who do not want to forget your holiday.

Santa Pau

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The valley of St. Paul began to take prominence in the Middle Ages as a result of the establishment, one of the hills that descend from the mountains of Windows, one of the mightiest baronial families of Girona area. Sheltered from his home town to a structured settlement to unite the dispersed and then allowed to enjoy a protected area for holding the market (any privileges atorgat l' 1297). This power center and business and economic history has bequeathed a substantial heritage.

A més d’una fesomia típicament medieval (with walls, irregular streets and evocative corners), drawn in the first half of the fourteenth century, St. Paul has considerable architectural value of buildings, although the main virtues of austerity dominant site are practical and functional and reveal the stones. The town of St. Paul was declared a historic group 1971.


Besalu, Mieres Tourism GarrotxaBesalu és una població de la comarca de Garrotxa, situada a 150 meters and has a length of 4,81 km2. As its origin indicates, Bisuldunum was a two rius Fortalesa: Fluviá the south and north Capellades. Enjoy good communication to meet at the crossroads between 3 counties : Alt Emporda, Plan for the Lake and Garrotxa. Besalu began to prominence as the capital of an independent county after the death of Wilfred the Hairy (902), condition that missed Bernard died in III-son of Ramon Berenguer III- sense fills; as a result, Besalu County became the home of Barcelona. The 1966, was declared a "National Historic-Artistic" by his great architectural.