Itinerari núm. 7 Raspat-Raspat

Itinerari núm. 7

Round-I-scraping Scraping Puigsallança-



schedule: 0:000 distance: 0,000 height: 762

We left the iera (era) of Raspat west direction for a track that would Costabella and Sant Aniol. At the time we go right to a paved stone. We follow a scarce red paint marks, and some of the yellow trail network ofItinerànnia.

schedule: 0:050 distance: 0,320 height: 807

Bifurcació. By right up the road that goes up to the basket under Windows. Straight up the steep path to the shrine and go direct to where the yellow. We follow, force plan, to the left. At the time we crossed a large square coal. We walked to the edge of the sunny side. This was the only way that allowed the sanctuary to animals up stats.

schedule: 0:10 distance: 0,480 height: 833

In just a few meters it right two good ways (to go where the red) rising to the Sanctuary. We follow flanking, more or less flat. Above we see our magnificent stone wall, one of the terraces that worked when it was inhabited Sanctuary.

schedule: 0:17 distance: 0,860 height: 851

We have reached a very strong hill and over the years has been called in different ways: the pas de l'Ovella, the Portell o el hole Sheep. The touch, have a wonderful view of the wooded beam Favar, Can Barretina between the cliff and the cliff Costabella. Now change to the north side and continue in the same direction. We left Aulin and walk among the maple and beech. Later we stand on the hill and see the buildings of the Sanctuary, on the sunny side, on the other side of Castle Hill. We climbed a small ladder and rediscover the Aulin.

schedule: 0:26 distance: 1,330 height: 905

When we do by changing the Aulina, we left a little way, with milestones Stone, force that would take us up to go through the beam Favar. Continue uphill on the way home.

schedule: 0:30 distance: 1,500 height: 945

After some small reblincoles, and in the stream, a red mark on a tree indicates that the left goes up Windows path, we must continue to go to the Round I. It was the way people used to the plain and the Medes to go down to the Sanctuary and Mieres. With a boot quite blurred, the path was definitely going to go up leaning to the left, reaching a small hill.

schedule: 0:33 distance: 1,600 height: 977

Small hill and slope change. I leave and return to the Aulina. Example planegem, but soon the road descends gradually. A large detached rocassa skirt above the range. A few minutes later an old tributary court desemboscar, that destroying the old way, half covered by vegetation. We follow the right.

schedule: 0:43 distance: 2,160 height: 945

Bifurcació. Let the court deforest, begins to lose, to the right and take the old road, very visible and quite flat, entering into the Aulin.

schedule: 0:50 distance: 2,540 height: 932

Our journey ends at a dirt track. If we follow could go down to the plain and the Medes. We have to go right, of pujada, towards the degree and I Round. Let's meet again Aulin and beech.

schedule: 0:54 distance: 2,740 height: 950

Bifurcació. The track plan up to the left. We climb to the right, up an old track desemboscar, xic a malmesa.

schedule: 1:03 distance: 3,120 height: 1015

Arribem al Cairo on the stand bonica faig. As al Faig Rodó. Edge beech trees are a semicircle satin made of stone. The place invites you to sit and enjoy the surroundings, almost magical. We leave the place the way it goes under the broad beech, from east. Descend lleugerament.1 schedule: 0:100 distance: 6,010 height: 632

schedule: 1:05 distance: 3,300 height: 998

Transferring small Can Barretina hill, in the beech, bounded by a single stone termenera, Talma a small menhir. To the left down the path that would lead us to pass the level. We climbed the trail to the right, following the edge. We found some red paint marks. Holly is colonizing the undergrowth. We will find more stones TERMENS.

schedule: 1:11 distance: 3,550 height: 1026

We are above the Puigsallança, ceiling windows saw. Opens a wonderful view, from the Canigou mountain to Rocacorba, chaired pel Puig am, filled with antennas and communication appliances. From the top we go look east. Soon decidedly down.

schedule: 1:13 distance: 3,660 height: 1018

To our left we can access a shaggy-haired is also a good vantage point, especially bonyegut Castle Hill and the Sanctuary of Windows. Continue to fall.

schedule: 1:18 distance: 3,910 height: 945

When the change to the beech Aulin, the right to leave the path that we took the way (minutes 30), I go up to the Round. Continue descending. The Aulina and I reigned.

schedule: 1:21 distance: 4,070 height: 905

A stone landmarks that indicate the way out to the right, here and not beaten up, passing through the beam Favar. We go down in the same direction.

schedule: 1:29 distance: 4,540 height: 851

The Portell o el Hole Sheep. We returned along the same path of return, the sunny slope or, recommended, flank the loop to go to go through the sanctuary windows. First this path then go down slightly more or less flat. Immediately we ignore a path that was way above our.

schedule: 1:30 distance: 4,630 height: 830

Tributary to a wider road and beaten. Climb to the right. Paths that could go down the hill and towards the level of Puigsafont, to Clascar and neck Palomera. After we somersaults on a beautiful stretch of wide steps and.

schedule: 1:33 distance: 4,760 height: 865

Speakers de Finestres, also known by the old tenants of the area by Sant Antoni. Change of slope. We are on the sunny side of a track, more or less flat, staying from east. Near and west, the wooded beam Favar is bounded by cliffs Costabella (for low) and the cliffs Can Barretina (up). Always keep the main road and ignore several turnoffs, that right down the road to find Scraping.

schedule: 1:38 distance: 5,110 height: 877

Sanctuary Windows. The Church, the rectory, The free shelter, runes Ca l'Ermita and plans of the Iera up this harmonious and peaceful place. We're going on the road that runs alongside the church and cross the walls of a narrow enclosure that must have been good defensively at times conflicting decreases more. At the time we left a path that, the path of bleach (where the procession was passing Mieres, to go to the collection of Windows), We would take the neck Palomera, No itinerary. 5. Go down the edge, from where you can admire the whole sanctuary.

schedule: 1:41 distance: 5,250 height: 845

Hill of Holes. Let the edge to enter into oak. The name of the most appropriate well as the land is full of potholes and small caches. Further down firmly. Below we spend what little meaning House turó the of Raspat.

schedule: 1:44 distance: 5,400 height: 807

Crossroads, a place near coal. As al minute 5 de l'anada. Further down the path of undoing the rise.

schedule: 1:48 distance: 5,690 height: 762

After going through a stretch paved reach the was Raspat. This house was inhabited until the late fifties. From here they look great hills of the ridge near the castle windows: Castell turó, turó of the Barbican, Hill Middle Hill and Beyond. The latter, on the same hill, also called Portell: the narrow passage through which the road to Sant Aniol de Mieres Windows.

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