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Can Met Restaurant

The cuisine is a leader in the Garrotxa Catalan cuisine, Can Met and Mieres is a landmark in the kitchen Garrotxa. Located at the entrance of the town of Mieres, right side of the church. Very well connected to the road in front of St. Paul Banyoles in Olot. Private parking for customers. Residence decor rustic rural, where you can enjoy a traditional Catalan cuisine and products Garrotxa. In our mijor enjoy the fish, els cargols to llauna, el xai
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Restaurant Puigsallança

Som Restaurant Puig Sa Llançà , un magnífic restaurant situat a Mieres , província de Girona . Som especialistes en elaboració de plats de la cuina catalana tradicional Comptem amb un equip de cuiners d'àmplia experiència gastronòmica, qualified staff will attend your orders and comfortable facility · facilities for you to enjoy your lunch as ever.
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